George MacDonald

George MacDonald (1824-1905) was the single greatest human influence on C. S. Lewis; indeed MacDonald was Lewis's "spiritual father." So, if you wish to understand C. S. Lewis, you must read George MacDonald.

The files posted here will help you read and appreciate MacDonald.

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G. K. Chesterton, the second greatest human influence on C. S. Lewis, also loved George MacDonald and acknowledged his debt to MacDonald in the Foreword he wrote for Greville MacDonald's memoir, George MacDonald and His Wife.
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Rolland Hein is one of the greatest authorities on George MacDonald. Here is my abridgement of the complete bibliography of MacDonald which Hein offers in his book, The Harmony Within: The Spiritual Vision of George MacDonald.
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C. S. Lewis collected his favorite passages from George MacDonald's writings in his book, George MacDonald: An Anthology. Lewis undertook this labor of love partly to make available the then-long-out-of-print wisdom of his spiritual father to those who had written Lewis for advice in their own lives. If you double-click on this file, you will be able to read my analysis of the contents of George MacDonald: An Anthology.
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C. S. Lewis did not provide an index to George MacDonald: An Anthology. Here is the one I crafted.
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