Introduction to Liturgical Music

The files that are common to this course and to my other course, “Music for Priests and Deacons,” are here.

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Ecclesiology, the theology of the church, is a subject I have been teaching in one form or another since 1981. I teach it for a lay person’s point of view and try to demonstrate how everything Christians do is related to what God is up to in the universe. In the words of Roy Campbell, “Church is a verb.”

The documents on this page are ones I distribute to my students to help them understand ecclesiology. Please feel free to use the documents that have my copyright but please respect my copyright.

This image of the Church, the new Eve, emerging from the side of Christ, the new Adam, with the Father as midwife and the Spirit providing shelter, is my very favorite image of the Church. I first saw it in the New Catholic Encyclopedia under “Church, Images of.” It is from the Bible Moralisée Codex 1179, folio 3v, which is owned by the National Library of Austria, in Vienna. I purchased permission to display it here but the image is owned by the National Library. The provenence is “Bilarchiv. d ÖNB, Vienna.” Please respect their copyright. If you click on the image, you will be able to see a larger version of it and read a meditation I have written for my students.

Description File
I created this chart to show my students the first seven centuries of the liturgical year.


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