Reviews and Praise for By Flowing Waters

By Flowing Waters: Chant for the Liturgy was published on the Solemnity of St. Benedict, July 11, 1999. The reviews thus far have been positive but I will publish all the reviews I am aware of here on this page. If you know of one which is not listed, please bring it to my attention. In most cases these reviews are the property of the journals in which they first appeared. Please do not copy.


The Liturgical Press asked a number of musicians and liturgists to review advance copies of the book. Here is a sample of what Chrysogonus Waddell, O.C.S.O., Frederick R. McManus, and Dorothy Dwight, BVM, wrote.

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Fr. Dominic Gaisford, O.S.B., wrote this review for Music & Liturgy, the journal of the Society of St. Gregory in Great Britain. This is a publication to which you should subscribe.
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Emmanuel Gribben, director of music at Ushaw College, wrote this review for In Illo Tempore: The Bulletin and Liturgical Review of Ushaw Library.
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The eminent musicologist and liturgist, and music reviewer for Worship magazine, Sister Judith Jubicki, wrote this review.
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Here is what Fr. Charles Watson, OSB, of Prinknash Abbey, wrote to Father David Nicholson, OSB, of Mount Angel Abbey, Oregon.
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Here is what Joe Metzinger wrote about the recording By Flowing Waters: Chant for the Liturgy CD for
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Here is what M. Benedicta Berendes, IHM, wrote about the recording By Flowing Waters: Chant for the Liturgy CD for Ministry and Liturgy.
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Here is what Jeremy Fletcher wrote for One Voice: The Australian Magazine about Church Music.
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Here is what Rev. Michael Gilligan wrote for Parish Liturgy Magazine.

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John Core, supervisor of the Music Library at West Virginia University and a hymnwriter, wrote this review for The Hymn.
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Calvert Shenk, director of music at Sacred Heart Seminary (Detroit) and book review editor of Sacred Music, wrote this review for the [pring 2004 issue of Sacred Music. I answer the issues he raises.
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