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One of the loveliest chants in the entire collection is the responsorial psalm for the Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary (#357), which can also be used at weddings and funerals. The chant is recorded as track eight on the recording, By Flowing Waters CD. This responsorial setting of the Song of Songs (4:8ab, 3:6, 5:1, 6:10, 2:10, 8:5, 6:9b, 2:13b–14, 7:6) employs a double tone (such are reserved for festive occasions): Odd numbered verses are chanted on one chanting tone and even numbered on a second, usually higher tone. The women of the schola sings verses 2, 4, 6, and 10—as did the the bridesmaids in the Song of Songs. A female psalmist, representing the bride, sings verse 5; and a male psalmist, representing the bridegroom, sings verses 1, 3, 7, 8, and 9. From the canticle itself arises the assembly’s refrain: “ Come, my beloved, receive your crown” (Song of Songs 4:8b). This file contains the lead sheet from the recording. This kind of singing is described in the Performance Notes (available below).
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One of the most dramatic chants from By Flowing Waters is the communion chant (# 294) from the Suite Nine of Ordinary Time, reserved for the last weeks of Ordinary Time, the season of hope. This lead sheet spells out how the choir, the voice of St. John the Divine, and of Christ the Bridegroom, dialogue in this canticle from the Book of Revelation (Rev 19:6c–7a, 7b–8a, 11ab, 13, 16; 21: 1–2, 3b–5a, 6; 22:17, 20). This kind of singing is described in the Performance Notes (available below).
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Here is a copy of the entire Performance Notes for the chants of By Flowing Waters.
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